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Welcome to the Windows2Linux community.

Personally, I've found getting to know Linux one hell of a journey. The frustration levels can go through the roof when you hit a brick wall with trying to do something.

There is also a problem with the linux community in that there is an assumed level of knowledge. For example, I wanted to install a piece of software. How could I do it? I'd downloaded the files but didn't know what to do with them. I asked my friends that used linux and got various answer about it depending on what distro I had and how it wasn't simple with linux.

In desperation I posted a message on a forum effectively saying 'treat me like an idiot and tell me step by step what I do with a bog standard install file'. I got more answers along the lines of 'there is no bog standard install' etc etc. One post however, asked what error message I got when I ran the install. After several messages I finally got it through to the person that I didn't know how to even start the install process.

It seemed that no matter what I said to the contrary, people assumed I had begun to install the software and had had problems.

The Linux community is like that. You'll be stuck at C having done A and B, but people will assume you've made it to point D no matter what you say.

Part of the reason for setting up this community is to try and help other people avoid the potholes I've stumbled into on the road to learning linux. It's a rocky road, but a rewarding journey nonetheless.
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